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Snatched 101

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If you are having difficulty playing the following video please either use Internet Explorer to access the video or change your YouTube player from Flash to HTML5 and refresh your browser window. The Flash based YouTube player is currently not accessible to screen readers. Click here to visit the YouTube HTML5 page to switch your player if you are having trouble playing this video. YouTube HTML5 page

People using screen readers may not be able to fully view information in this file. The content for this video is: A drag queen with a large platinum blond hairdo, elegant black dress, and fabulous hot pink earrings and glasses frames, Alyssa Edwards, stands in front of a backdrop depicting a brightly-colored beauty parlor. ALYSSA EDWARDS: My name is Alyssa Edwards, and this is the crash course in beautology. That's right, children, the science of everyday pageantry. (clicks tongue) Hot pink and black text appears in a white box next to a bright blond wig on a hot pink background. ON SCREEN TEXT: ON SCREEN TEXT: Lessons in FLAWLESS BEAUTOLOGY PRESENTED BY ALYSSA EDWARDS LESSON 1: SNATCHED 101 ALYSSA: Now, we may not all be blessed with all this beauty, glamour, and fabulousness. Alyssa pats her hair as she stares into a hand mirror standing in front of the brightly-colored beauty parlor. A camera shutter clicks and man whistles as she turns, staring at herself from various angles. ALYSSA: But you know what? there's beauty in all of us. And I'm gonna teach you how to release it into the world. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP #1 FIND SOME WORDS TO LIVE BY ALYSSA: Tip one: find some words to live by. When life starts getting topsy-turvy and all kinds of shades of wonkiness, a good mantra is like a compass: it will always lead you home. Now, my daily mantra each and every day when I arise and stand on my feet before I hit the ground running, I remind myself: don't dream it, be it. Now, if you don't have one, don't worry about it. 'Cause I brung a few in my purse. Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours. Winning isn't everything, but wanting to is. The struggle is real, but the hustle is deep. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP #2 GET A GRIP. GET A LIFE. GET OVER IT. ALYSSA: Tip two: get a grip, get a life, and get over it. Now, when all those haters try to come for you, reach in your purse and pull out your good umbrella to protect yourself from all the shade. When the haters try to come for you... When you trust in yourself, you're not bothered .com, .net, or for that matter, .org. Forgive the people that hurt you and forget they ever existed. You will be happier and healthier without all the hate in your life. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP #3 MAKE THEM EAT IT ALYSSA: Tip three: make them eat it. Listen up, guys and gals, because this one is important. When you're working with what your mama gave you, others are gonna try to come for you in your good gig. Go ahead and give them the old bippity boppity boo treatment. Be gone. You are flawless just the way you are, and what you don't want to do is get anyone something that they can clock you on, like the damage caused by smoking tobacco. That's right, children. Smoking cigarettes damages nearly every part of your body. No, no, and absolutely no. You be sure to protect your flawlessness each and every single day. Congratulations, you finished lesson one, my students. Make sure to come back next time. I'm gonna teach you the art of saying it with your mug, also known as your face. Always and forever, Alyssa Edwards. She stares into the camera, holds up her hands with pointer fingers and thumbs together and clicks her tongue. The lady vanishes. Hot pink and black text appears in black and white boxes next to a hot pink image of Alyssa on a teal background. ON SCREEN TEXT: LESSON COMPLETE SEE YOU NEXT TIME, SUGAR. Now it's time to test your knowledge. Take the flawless quiz. THISFREELIFE.GOV/LESSONS Lessons in FLAWLESS For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov