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Everyday Pageantry

Class is in Session

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People using screen readers may not be able to fully view information in this file. The content for this video is: A drag queen with a large platinum blond hairdo, elegant black dress, and fabulous hot pink earrings and glasses frames, Alyssa Edwards, stands in front of a backdrop depicting a brightly-colored beauty parlor. ALYSSA EDWARDS: My name is Alyssa Edwards, and this is the crash course in beautology. That's right, children, the science of everyday pageantry. (clicks tongue) Hot pink and black text appears in a white box next to a white image of Alyssa on a hot pink background. ON SCREEN TEXT: ON SCREEN TEXT: Lessons in FLAWLESS BEAUTOLOGY PRESENTED BY ALYSSA EDWARDS LESSON 3: EVERY DAY PAGEANTRY ALYSSA: Ding, ding, ding, class is in session. Welcome back, kiddos! Today's lesson is Everyday Pageantry, and you all have been enrolled. Pageantry has been my life, life, life, life. And I've learned quite a bit myself from the wonderful world of pageantry that I apply each and every day. For example, winning isn't everything, but wanting to is. And when someone tries to come for you and they haven't been rang for, you keep it cute, calm, and collected, like a good Miss Congeniality. Because keeping it positive in those times when they're testing you, life will come full-circle and reward you. Now, there was this one time I had to dig deep to the bottom of my soul that I have a purpose here in this life, so I held my chin up, 'cause when the valley is deep... life is a stage and a dance. So you gotta snatch that crown and be flawless doing it each and every day. Being flawless requires so much more than just a look. It's how you act and how you smell, children. Because you can't be flawless all dusty and crusty, making your breath smell like an ash tray from tobacco smoke. That's actually why I tell every student of mine to keep it tobacco-free. Well, that's the bell, class. And that's today's lesson. Stay tuned for the next lesson. That's right, children, serving body-ody-ody for days, months, weeks, and a lifetime. Always and forever, Alyssa Edwards. She clasps her hands, stares into the camera, and clicks her tongue. The lady vanishes. Hot pink and black text appears in black and white boxes next to a hot pink image of Alyssa on a teal background. ON SCREEN TEXT: LESSON COMPLETE SEE YOU NEXT TIME, SUGAR. Now it's time to test your knowledge. Take the flawless quiz. THISFREELIFE.GOV/LESSONS Lessons in FLAWLESS For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov