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Body-Ody Beautiful

Class is in Session

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People using screen readers may not be able to fully view information in this file. The content for this video is: A drag queen with a large platinum blond hairdo, elegant black dress, and fabulous hot pink earrings and glasses frames, Alyssa Edwards, stands in front of a backdrop depicting a brightly-colored beauty parlor. ALYSSA EDWARDS: My name is Alyssa Edwards, and this is the crash course in beautology. That's right, children, the science of everyday pageantry. (clicks tongue) Hot pink and black text appears in a white box next to a white image of Alyssa on a hot pink background. ON SCREEN TEXT: ON SCREEN TEXT: Lessons in FLAWLESS BEAUTOLOGY PRESENTED BY ALYSSA EDWARDS LESSON 4: BODY-ODY BEAUTIFUL ALYSSA: Well, here we are, class, welcome back. Today's lesson is the science of all things body-ody- ody beautiful. This lesson hits really close to home for me, and I'm sure a lot of you too can relate. Now, most queens think a cinched waist is the key to serving body-ody beautiful for days. Girl, when it comes to real beautology, it requires much more than corsetry. Ask Miss Violet Chachki. Oh, shade. I love you, girl. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP #1 ENJOY THE SHOW ALYSSA: Drag queens, models, celebrity, we're entertainers. And, honey, it's all make-believe. You think I put on this good gig to go to the supermarket? Usually I'm up in my sweatpants and my tank tops and flip-flops at the dance school. But guess what. I'm still beautiful. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP #2 DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE FOOLISH ALYSSA: I learned years ago all those things that made me insecure would be character strengths that I would one day laugh at. Get in on the joke with the folks. You got a few back rolls? Honey, well, do what I did and turn those back rolls into bank rolls. (clicks tongue) Like dinner rolls. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP #3 GET THAT TOXIC OUT OF YOUR LIFE ALYSSA: Get that toxic hate up out of your life. Whatever shape or size, you look into that mirror and love everything about hat body. I mean, it is yours. Quoting Mama Ru, "the most important relationship you'll have in your life is the relationship you'll have with yourself." What you do is, you stare into that mirror. You look yourself up and down several times, and you say, repeat after me, I am flawless. And then you repeat it until you believe it. And my dear students, always remember toxicness can come in many forms. It can be words, it can be situations, and it can be your own behaviors. When we smoke, we're letting over 7,000 chemicals into our bodies. Being free from tobacco is a part of getting that toxicness out of your life. Well, all right, class, we made it. Today's the last lesson before you graduate and I send you out into the real world. Now, remember, make it a great day or a great life, the choice is yours. Always and forever, Alyssa Edwards. She stares into the camera and clicks her tongue. The lady vanishes. Hot pink and black text appears in black and white boxes next to a hot pink image of Alyssa on a teal background. ON SCREEN TEXT: LESSON COMPLETE SEE YOU NEXT TIME, SUGAR. Now it's time to test your knowledge. Take the flawless quiz. THISFREELIFE.GOV/LESSONS Lessons in FLAWLESS For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov