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Serving the People

Class is in Session

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People using screen readers may not be able to fully view information in this file. The content for this video is: Bob stands in front of a colorful animated room and puts her hands on her hips. BOB: Welcome. I'm Bob the Drag Queen, and this is Advanced Humble Braggery--the art of being a humble winner in life. Bob tilts her head to the side and smiles. A chime rings. A purple background appears with text over it. A purple picture of Bob holding a stick appears. A logo for Lessons in Flawless appears in the bottom corner. Light music plays. ON SCREEN TEXT: ADVANCED HUMBLE BRAGGERY PRESENTED BY BOB THE DRAG QUEEN LESSON 2: SERVING THE PEOPLE Bob stands in front of the colorful animated room. BOB: Today's lesson is Servin' the People, and tip number one is give them what they want. Black and white text appears on screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP $1 GIVE 'EM WHAT THEY WANT BOB: Listen, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't like to show off. I'm a humble queen. Bob appears wearing glasses and a sash. She fans her face with her hands and looks to be fighting back tears. Bob appears back in her normal outfit. BOB: Honestly, if you know you can turn it, why deny the people what they want? Bob lifts a stack of colorful purses. Bob tosses purses off camera. Women scream excitedly. BOB: You get a purse! You get a purse! Bob pauses and looks in one of the purses. BOB: Wait. No money. Okay. Bob tosses the last purse off camera. BOB: And you get a purse! But keeping it 100, humble or not, it is your duty as a professional to serve up what they're really after--you! No matter what it is you do, just keep serving up realness, because being hated for who you are is better than being loved for someone you're not. Now, being loved for who you are, that's everything. Black and white text appears on screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP #2 BE YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN BOB: Tip number two: be your own biggest fan. Remember this, I am standing here, a gorgeous statuesque 6' 2" drag queen named Bob, to tell you if you are not your own biggest fan, if you don't believe you are beyond singing Destiny's Child, who does? Girl, if you're still not on board, think of it this way: the best salespeople in the world are the ones who would stake their live that what they're selling is the best product on the market. Bob walks from the left side of the screen holding a purse with a straight arm in front of her and a hand on her hip. When she reaches the middle, she looks at the camera and a bell chimes. BOB: And royal-level personal fandom, now, that requires more than self-promotion. You've got to treat yourself well. And anything that harms you has no place in your life. You know, like reading YouTube comments, responding to haters, and especially cigarettes. Yeah. Did you know that smoking has over 7,000 chemicals in it, including formaldehyde. Bob tilts her head to the side curiously. Black and white text appears on screen. Bob raises both hands in the air, then brushes hair out of her face. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP #3 IT'S OK TO SLAY BOB: Tip number three: it's okay to slay. Nationally, competition gets fierce when you're fierce competition, but that's okay. Just means you're doing it right. The shade, the T, the dramatics--that's gonna come no matter what. Just don't let yourself get caught up in those moments. Drop it all at the stage door, and as soon as you hit the runway, the sidewalk, a treadmill at the gym, or whatever, just remember, your dreams, your goals, the reason you're doing whatever it is you're doing, let your talent, craft, and charisma shine. Bob places a hand on her hip and uses her other hand to do a showy flourish. BOB: Because when you serve up realness and you're your own biggest fan, everything else is not that serious. The camera zooms in close to Bob's face. BOB: You know all those haters--oh, and trust me, there will be haters--child, I'm too blessed to be stressed. Look at me. All right, kids, that's it. Now, tune in next time for my lesson "Glamanomics." Get it? It's like glamour and economics. How does she do it? (forced laughter) BOB: Bye! Bob gives the camera a condescending look and walks off screen. A teal background appears with pink and black text on it next to a purple picture of Bob wearing glasses. ON SCREEN TEXT: LESSON COMPLETE SEE YOU NEXT TIME, SUGAR. Now it's time to test your knowledge. Take the flawless quiz. ThisFreeLife.GOV/LESSONS For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov