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Purse First

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People using screen readers may not be able to fully view information in this file. The content for this video is: Bob stands in front of a colorful animated room and puts her hands on her hips. BOB: Welcome. I'm Bob the Drag Queen, and this is Advanced Humble Braggery--the art of being a humble winner in life. Bob tilts her head to the side and smiles. A chime rings. A purple background appears with text over it. A purple picture of Bob holding a stick appears. A logo for Lessons in Flawless appears in the bottom corner. Light music plays. ON SCREEN TEXT: ADVANCED HUMBLE BRAGGERY PRESENTED BY BOB THE DRAG QUEEN LESSON 4: PURSE FIRST Bob stands in front of the colorful animated room. BOB: Yaas, queen! I'm back with the lesson in flawless you've been waiting for. It's purse first. Bob picks up a black envelope purse and holds it in front of her. BOB: Because you need to be gripping that bag if you want to cat-- cat-- cap fools when you walk into the room. Bob stretchers one arm in front of her holding a purse. Her other hand rests on her hip. Black and white text appears on screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP #1 THE PARTY HAS ARRIVED BOB: You don't just stumble into a party like Kim Chi in a pair of new heels. Bob waves awkwardly. BOB: "Hey, guys." No. Even if you're a little anxious about entering the party, you've got to fake it till you make it. And you will make it. Your arrival must be a flawless announcement. Yes, if you've got a purse, that means you enter the room purse first. But more importantly, whether you have a purse or not, you've got to enter confidence first. Because without some confidence, there's no purse in the world that can help you. Black and white text appears on screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP #2 ENTERTAIN YOURSELF BOB: You've made your entrance purse first, but now you're feeling a--a strange sensation. I know how it feels when everybody's eyeballing you and the crowd is sucking you in. Don't panic, mama. Your self- confidence can crush any criticism. So how do you prevent a freak-out? Remain unbothered and entertain yourself, because if you're having fun, people will come to you. They'll want to know you and be part of the fun that you're having. And inside your purse, bring everything you need to have fun. Bob raises her hand and picks up a purse. BOB: All right, let's see what we got. Bob holds a black purse and pulls items out. BOB: Croissant. Bob takes a bite out of the croissant. BOB: Yeah, girl. Carbs are in. Bob lifts a rubber chicken. BOB: One-of-a-kind Naomi Smalls doll. What? Bob tosses the chicken aside. Bob unravels a pink pageant sash. BOB: Ooh. Guys, who put that in there? (laughs) You guys. I mean, I'll wear it. Bob places the sash over her shoulder and waves. Bob gestures to the sash. BOB: What? Ooh. Bob looks in her purse. BOB: You know what's not in my purse? Yeah, cigarettes. That's right, girl. Bob is a smoke-free lady because every cigarette damages your body and you don't need to sacrifice your health to have a good time. Black and white text appears on screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: TIP #3 DRAMATIC EXIT BOB: Tip three: dramatic exit. Bob lifts a purse up and drops it to reveal another purse behind it. BOB: You'll need--yes, another purse to leave them gagging. But not just any purse. Honey, bring out the hearse and leave 'em dead. Hey. So strut in purse first, strut out purse first, and tobacco-free to be absolutely flawless. That's it for now. But the flawless doesn't end here. Keep watching to become a flawless master. Bye! Bob gives a condescending look and walks off screen. A teal background appears with pink and black text on it next to a purple picture of Bob wearing glasses. ON SCREEN TEXT: LESSON COMPLETE SEE YOU NEXT TIME, SUGAR. Now it's time to test your knowledge. Take the flawless quiz. ThisFreeLife.GOV/LESSONS For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov