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Non-Toxic and Tobacco-Free

WE have the power to choose what affects us. That's why we BLOCK cigarettes and their toxic chemicals, because smoking can damage nearly every part of our bodies.

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A man and woman walk down city streets in the daytime wearing fashionable clothes.

MAN: Confidence required.

Another woman takes a selfie against a backdrop of skyscrapers at night.

MAN: We block the hate.

A woman walks down the sidewalk in brown sunglasses and a colorful shirt. Another man in blue sunglasses stands on the sidewalk raising a paper fan over his head.

MAN: Poison stays out and love shines in.

A man gazes into the camera as he walks through a park. The woman in brown sunglasses looks at phonograph records.

MAN: Controlling your life means choosing what affects you.

A woman strolls through a plaza. A man stretches in the sun. A man walks down the street at night and smiles. A man walks past a sign mounted on a brick building, reading "Smoking can Damage Nearly Every Part of Your Body."

MAN: And for us, cigarettes, even bumming some on the patio, will be letting something toxic damage nearly every part of our bodies.

A man in a plaza tilts his sunglasses down and nods at another man watching him from a balcony. A woman walks down the street in a sparkly pink jacket and lipstick. She dances in a crowded club under golden lighting.

MAN: So whether you're serving on the runway, on your own, or together, we do it living free from tobacco.

People hug each other and dance in a club.

MAN: Because this life is non-toxic.

Strips of black blend together into a solid background. A logo and text appear, along with the Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter logos.

ON SCREEN TEXT: This Free Life
Brought to you by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

WOMAN: This Free Life. Freedom to be tobacco-free.
For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov

Which toxic blocking superhero are you?

Answer the questions to find out

You walk into a brand new club. What’s the first thing you look for?

You’re chatting with friends when someone walks up and offers you a cigarette. How do you respond?

You stare into a magic mirror that can show you at your most confident. What do you see?

You must be The Deep Freeze. Your toxic-blocking superpower is being cool and unbothered at all times. You naturally block anything trying to bring you down. Keep doing you by keeping anything toxic, including cigarettes, OUT of your life.

You must be THE SEE-YOU-NEVER. You have the powers of teleportation, ’cause when  cigarettes are around, you’re nowhere in sight. You’re too busy living your best life to let ANYTHING toxic tear you down.

You must be THE TALK TO THE HAND. Haters beware - your burning inner confidence keeps you untouched and unbothered around haters, fake friends, and ESPECIALLY toxic tobacco.

You must be THE GREAT ESCAPE. Besides avoiding awkward situations like a pro, your powers of invisibility can make ANYTHING toxic disappear. Your life is non-toxic, which is why cigarettes are nowhere to be seen.