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Our community has faced so many obstacles, but we’ve found ways to overcome them. That’s why we can’t afford to let the damage that comes from tobacco use threaten our progress and make our lives harder.

People using screen readers may not be able to fully view information in this file. The content for this playlist is: Black and white shot of a woman speaking to her camera. WOMAN: I'm doing this. A man stands in a room, playing an acoustic guitar and singing. NARRATOR: Born in a black and white world, we saw color in the mirror. Two hands hold up a white sheet of fabric with the words "LOVE IS FOR EVERYONE" painted on it. Outdoors, someone holds up a flag as they run. Then, the black and white shot becomes colorful, revealing the flag to be rainbow. A person with dramatic black eye makeup on looks downward close to their camera as they press a small makeup brush to their nose. NARRATOR: Our sexuality, our gender, our identity were never quite understood. A person with long blonde hair and makeup on speaks to their camera. Close-up shot of two people walking side-by-side, holding each other's hands. A person with short, curly, brown hair speaks to their camera. PERSON: I am transgender. NARRATOR: But we eventually found love for our own truth. A woman and a boy stand next to each other in a kitchen, facing the camera but speaking to each other. The woman gets up to hug the boy as he begins to cry. WOMAN: You're gay? That's okay, hon. I love you no matter what in the world. Various quick shots show someone proposing marriage to another person, two men hugging in the middle of a dark room, a couple with their child, one kissing the other on the cheek, a woman smiling at her camera, two women sitting together on a couch, two men hugging each other closely in a bedroom, a woman speaking to her camera, someone riding a bicycle with a large pink and blue flag flying behind them, a woman in colorful clothing dancing outdoors, two people getting married, one kissing the other on the cheek, a man speaking to his camera, and multiple very quick shots of people being outdoors and smiling and celebrating. NARRATOR: And now joy is on the horizon. Health and happiness--these are our new destinations. But a factor that seems casual to some in the community can get in our way. Like tobacco. A fade from black to multiple shots of a crowd of people inside a crowded club or bar. NARRATOR: Yes, that moment at the bar, the occasional cigarette, it can undermine our future. Smoking can damage nearly every part of our bodies. A man walks into a convenience store and hands the cashier a $20 bill. NARRATOR: Its addiction siphons money from our pockets, and it claims tens of thousands of LGBT lives every year. A woman pulls a pack of cigarettes from her purse. The man takes a cigarette from a pack and puts the pack in his back pocket. Another man stands against a wall and takes a cigarette from a pack. Multiple videos of various people speaking to their cameras forms a collage. NARRATOR: So why now inflict this damage to ourselves? Multiple shots of people with rainbow articles of clothing celebrating and smiling outdoors. NARRATOR: No. This new life free from judgment, free from the shadows will also be free from tobacco. A final shot of a woman carrying a rainbow flag behind her zooms out back to the collage of videos. Purple brush strokes paint the This Free Life logo onto the screen, followed by black brush strokes that cover the shot behind the logo. ANNOUNCER: This Free Life, freedom to be tobacco-free. Visit us at This Free Life. White text and various social networking logos appear around the logo. ON SCREEN TEXT: This Free Life FREEDOM TO BE, TOBACCO-FREE. VISIT US @ThisFreeLife For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov


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