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Pick Your Poison

Yes, Queen. Even smoking some nights can shorten your life. Watch to find out why.

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A waitress wearing a green dress places a bill on a table where two men sit. A man wearing a red leather jacket laughs. He gasps as a man wearing a dark leather jacket sitting across from him holds up a cigarette. MAN: That's cute, but... MAN: Okay, come on. I only smoke when I go out. The man in the red leather jacket shakes his head and widens his eyes, then looks sharply to the side and snaps his fingers. MAN: You're not getting it. A purple filter overlays the screen. The man in the denim jacket appears confused as the man in the red leather jacket's outfit changes to a shiny purple sleeveless shirt with a menacing black sparkly cape fastened with a spiky red jewel. He wears a spiky gold crown and touches his shoulders. MAN: Okay...why? MAN: I'm dressed like this in all my fantasies. Stay with me. The man in the crown points to seven bottles of liquid labeled with various days of the week. They float on a wooden tray. MAN: Here's some poison that can shorten your life. Would you want any? The man in the denim jacket stares at him, then speaks. MAN: No. The man in the crown grabs a bottle of the liquid labeled "Fri" and holds it up to the other man. MAN: How about just on Fridays? The man in the denim jacket nods his head and looks to the side. MAN: Ooooh... The man wearing the crown snaps his fingers and now holds a cigarette. The purple overlay disappears. MAN: See? Even smoking some nights can cut your life short. Get it now? MAN: Yes. The man in the denim jacket smirks. MAN: But I don't get this outfit. MAN: Witch, please. The man in the crown drops the cigarette in a white coffee mug. A white scribbled banner with black text reading "This Free Life" appears beside white text. The FDA logo and informational text appears at the bottom of the screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: This Free Life FREEDOM TO BE, TOBACCO-FREE FDA | Brought to you by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Announcer: This Free Life.



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